Here’s what people are saying about Bunny Bop!

“”I played one of these on the iPhone and my two year old niece came RUNNING across the room in response to the music.”–MS

“My three year old usually won’t watch anything but Dora. So far today we have seen each Bunny Bop episode several times – he loves it. Great idea for a show…looking forward to next Thursday!” –TM

“My little Bunny watches it constantly on his iPad through YouTube. He gets very excited when he sees Buddy Bunny and the caterpillar.” –DMC

“I caught this link out of the corner of my eye, and am glad I did . . . your target audience – my 2 yr old girl – loved it! . . Finally got her to bed after several repeats of the first two episodes . …. . please make a few more to keep papa sane!” –KO

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